The gateway to Coffin Bay's pristine waterways and beyond.

Book a berth for your vessel at our modern floating pontoon facility. All berths have access to power, water and use of CBYC amenities. We have 10 meter and 15 meter berths available for short or long-term use as well as bookable free community day use areas. Visitors welcome!

Terms and Conditions

Fishing or swimming from the jetty is not permitted. Bicycles, scooters, etc. are not permitted on the jetty. Pets must be on leash and under the control of owners. Any animal which causes a nuisance must be immediately removed from the Jetty, and CBYC has the right to ban such animals as it sees fit. No unauthorised boarding of vessels. CCTV is in operation. Please be considerate of our neighbours, people aboard moored vessels, and members of the public. Dumping of rubbish, pollutants or other environmentally dangerous substances is strictly prohibited. Please use bins provided on shore or take your waste with you. Dangerous substances (eg. toxic, hazardous, flammable, volatile, etc.) are strictly prohibited from entering the jetty. Vessels must observe the 4 knot speed limit or “no wake speed”, whichever is the lesser. Free community use for stays less than 4 hours is permitted in designated “day use” areas. CBYC strongly recommends online registration for day users. All stays longer than 4 hours require a booking, which can be completed via the Club’s online booking platform prior to the commencement of your stay. Vessels will be required to provide proof of current liability insurance to a minimum value of $10,000,000. Please check availability of berths on our website Bookings are specific to each vessel. If you would like to transfer your booking to another vessel please contact the Club. Personal use of vessels for accommodation is strictly limited to 30 days in any 60 day period, and CBYC maintains the right to revoke this permission where necessary. Renting or sub-leasing of vessels for accommodation is strictly prohibited. Access to toilet and shower amenities is provided by the Club for vessels with a booking. CBYC encourages vessels to use these amenities as no pump out facility is provided at this jetty. In accordance with the EPA Code of Practice for Vessel & Facility Management, discharge of any black water (ie. sewerage) or grey water (eg. used for washing, laundering, bathing or showering) is prohibited at the Jetty or within 3 nautical miles of land. Discharge of any pollutants, contaminants, garbage or other offensive or hazardous material that may cause environmental harm is strictly prohibited. This includes offal or fish frames. Please contact the club if you require information on waste facilities. Vessels must be adequately moored with appropriate fenders, mooring lines and springers. Vessels must not exceed 30 tonnes in weight or 15 metres in length for berths A5-10 & B5-10; or 7 tonnes and 10 metres in length for berths A1-4 & B1-4. The jetty is for use by recreational and tourism vessels. Commercial vessels are not permitted. CBYC reserves the right to move a vessel if required. Unauthorised vessels will be relocated to the Town Jetty. Jetty walkways must be kept clear at all times eg. no overhanging bowsprits or storage of equipment such as trolleys. No maintenance is to be performed at the jetty that may pollute or cause disruption of others e.g. no spray painting, sanding, use of power tools, no chemicals, etc. Refuelling is not permitted. Fuel is only permitted on board vessels within designated fuel tanks. All users acknowledge and accept CBYC’s Emergency Evacuation Procedure whereby if, in the Club’s opinion there exists a state of emergency, vessels may be relocated to another mooring or berth whether within the jetty or not.